Doggone Advantages

By Caryl Clem:

February hosts several media ignored holidays. Your dog has the keenest sense of smell, can read human moods, capable of learning support for the handicapped while offering consistent loyalty.  National Dog Walkers Day is 2/23 and February boasts supporting Responsible Pet Ownership month. “Going with the Dogs” has positive not negative results.  Documented healthy advantages include fighting heart disease, lowering blood pressure, and improving muscle tone and stress while improving mental bonding enjoying natural beauty.  Every pet broadens the spectrum of love in your life.

Feeding  your dog is past the time when uneaten food from a dinner plate slid off to land under the table because your dog was ready to lick the floor clean.  Dessert for dogs was not a concern. Dog food has evolved to supply a full range of nutrition. Dog food treats reflect the same food trends their owners are experiencing. February is National Snack Food month and Milk Bone is proof that doggie treats can keep pace with our chips and various munchies markets.

The first dogs walking to consume dog biscuits were show dogs. Spratt from England was marketing a dog biscuit cake to nobility and wealthy owners asserting that his cake would make the dogs stronger and fit to compete. By 1895 his product had arrived in America becoming famous after a 1902 scandal from the Madison Garden dog show claimed a Lady Ella dog contestant had died from poisoning found in her dog cake. The secular market of dog cakes was ready for the common place owner.  An American inventor, Carlton Ellis in 1907 patented the dog bone shaped biscuit in three sizes. Milk Bone pounced on this image in their first big advertising campaign.  The original very expensive biscuit geared to satisfy the wealthy dog owner market shifts its customer base.  In 1908, F. H. Bennet Company was mass manufacturing dog bones packaged in cardboard boxes at affordable prices.

The Milk Bone Company has a web site that shows the marketing themes through 100 years.  The first in 1940 proudly features the three sizes ready to please any dog.  The push for home grown wholesome foods ingredients was seen in the 1958.  The star flavor in 1971 was “Beefy” during the same time big burgers were the rage. Getting rid of teeth plaque has its own video.  ” Ham and cheese” flavors were featured in 2008 and by 2016 along the list of 20 flavors added the all American favorite, “Peanut Butter”.  The latest addition has a pouch in which to place dog medication.  The early ingredients that were causing dogs to gain weight have been streamlined into diet friendly combinations.  Del Monte now owns Milk Bone.

During a time when an increasing number of people are fighting obesity or isolation, owning and walking a dog makes sense.  Dog ownership is a cure for loneliness while a motivation to practice healthy habits for the sake of your dog.   Finding “treats” for your dog(s) offers a wide variety of choices online, below are a few suggestions:

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