Backwards Day…January 31,2020

By Caryl Clem:

Recall old sayings,” Absence makes the heart grow fonder “or “You don’t miss it until it’s gone.”   Try turning back the clock and live Backwards Day on 1/31/2020 in a different decade.  Pick a time period before cell phones, or the internet.  Remember the 1970’s when a phone call could still mean being put on hold and you were trapped to a phone plugged into a wall? Your fingers went in circles or pounded on numbered squares.  Advertisements chanted, “Let your fingers do the walking”.  Convenience offered by a touch screen wasn’t available before the IBM Simon in 1992.  Phones did not fit in your purse or pocket.

If you want to feel out of touch and out of the loop, try surviving your day without the computer. The driving force behind most activities today is the computer. Computer data use did not include the World Wide Web until after 1991. If email and social contacts rule your day, pretend you are living before 1993.  Two giants that dominate sales by using the internet both started in 1995, EBay and Amazon.  Facebook’s debut was in 2004 followed by You Tube in 2005.  Online grocery service originated in the Chicago area with Peapod, Inc.  formed in 1989, aligning services with Jewel and Safeway Food supermarkets.  Online shopping is causing 50 year old stores to crumble.  I still prefer touching and feeling a product before I buy it, something the younger generations feel comfortable skipping.

A myth exists that the “good old days” were better.  Planning healthy meals depends on product information to reach nutrition goals. I love the fact I can identify what is in any package I purchase. I would never want to go back to guessing what was about to be eaten.  After reading the contents of “Spam”, I lost all desire to reconnect with a previous food favorite.  I used to special order information that I can search on the 24/7 internet.  The library offers family services, workshops imparting knowledge in so many areas beyond books.  Going back in time is an exercise to renew your appreciation for what today offers.

Depending on your job environment, encourage a group to join you to choose a style from the past.  Explore ways to break your routine, put it in reverse. Show your backbone, another part of the definition of backwards, reference your backside. Carry a sign, “Back Is Back”.   Backwards Day is a chance to see the world from a different perspective. The birth of a new idea is often stimulated when you break the “norm”.  Let ingenuity guide and renew your mental energy!