Oscar Mayer Success Story

By Caryl Clem

The dreams of a 14 year old immigrant from Bavaria came true when he moved to Detroit in 1873 as a meat packing apprentice for six years. Moving ahead, Oscar Mayer and brother Gottfried leased Kolling Meat Market in Chicago. A few years later, he brought in another brother Max. Oscar Mayer promised his production of luncheon meats and bacon would guarantee honesty, integrity and quality of meat to customers. In 1906, Oscar Mayer had joined a federal meat inspection program. In 1909, Oscars son joined the company and they were successful. To gain customer’s trust the yellow band introduced in 1929 signified that the meat was inspected, and by 1971 dates were included for freshness.

Oscar Mayer create novel advertising methods.  Since 1936 spotting the 27 foot long Weinermobile can happen anywhere in the United States. Naturally the interior has slick mustard leather seats and saucy ketchup red velvet seats complete with a Weinermobile logo.  A bun roof lets the sunshine in, illuminating a very groovy ride. The Hotdogger driver, required to be hot dog lover, keeps the Oscar Mayer name alive by passing out Weinerwhistles. As a marketing representative, the Wienermobile has a tour schedule and can be leased for special events through Twitter.  To the disappointment of many who have surrounded the Weinermobile, there is no food available. 

 In 1963 Richard Trentlage wrote a song I can remember singing about being the wiener everyone loves.  Sounding an alert to your taste buds on the radio the “Oscar Mayer Wiener Jingle” increased demand. Today’s favorite is the cheese filled dog that is even starring in a You Tube endorsement.  In 1965, Oscar Mayer featured its first T.V. advertisement.  In 1976 Oscar Mayer went on the New York Stock Exchange, the same year “The Bologna” song with the unforgettable lyric: My Bologna has a first name, it’s O-S-C-A-R, My Bologna has a last name, it’s M-A-Y-E-R, OH, and I love to eat it every day. The Oscar Mayer Company’s journey is a combination of keen business practices and the magic of innovative marketing. In 1989 Oscar Mayer joined Kraft Foods.  By the 1990’s there were 10 plants producing the brand names Oscar-Mayer, Lunchables Lunch Combinations, Carving Board Meats, Louis Rich, and Claus-sen pickles. Headquarters are in Madison, Wisconsin.

The business icon, Oscar Mayer by 2010 started charity programs to feed the children and promote animal welfare.  Removal of unhealthy artificial preservatives, nitrates, and by products was done in 2017. Inspiring hot dog lovers to climb higher introduced in 2018 a space hero Super Hotdogger who carries a powered jet pack.   When not in space, Super Hotdogger rides in the Weinermobile. The 1958 Weinerwhistle popularity was blowing away.  From the beginning, Oscar Mayer claimed its products were made with love, the ingredient that has resulted in over 135 years of success

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