You can still redeem S & H Green Stamps not Plaid Stamps

Being home during this uncertain time, brought moments of re-organization and a special box saved by my Mom. I had time to really investigate. While laying the books and single stamps out on table to organize for a photo, my adult daughter walked in asking what these were. Oh my..…so I tried to explain helping my own Mom lick stamps at the dinette table in the 1960’s and fill books so we could go shopping. Retail organizations, like grocery stores, gave out stamps according to how much you bought. My mom got Plaid stamps when she went to the A&P. What’s an A&P?  Mom got green stamps at National Foods. Of course, another question about the defunct National food store. A great blog idea entitled forgotten grocery stores.

Sperry & Hutchinson began offering stamps to U.S. retailers in 1896. Shoppers accumulated stamps, they moistened the reverse and mounted them in collector’s books, which were provided free by S&H. Depending how many books you collected, you could buy household items offered at a redemption center. In Chicago, redemption centers were located in Wiebolts stores or Magikist The following stores were listed on the back of one of the books published in 1965 when Ford City had been built.

*State and Madison         * Harlem-Irving               *Milwaukee and Ashland                             *Oak Park                       * 63rd near Halsted          *Evanston           *Lincoln near Belmont  *Lincoln Village              *Meadowdale                     *Randhurst        *New Ford City

The program had its greatest popularity during the mid-1960s, but started to decline in the mid-1970’s. However, stamps can still be redeemed. The green stamps do not expire and WIKI shows you how to send in your stamps for money or set up a site to use online. Today, S&H offers “greenpoints” as rewards for purchases made on the Internet if you are not interested in cash.

Plaid stamps could be used buy purchasing from a gift catalogue and today, they are not redeemable, however, it is a great idea to check out opportunities to sell on EBAY. Plaid stamp books are selling for five to ten dollars but filled books with stamps are worth more. ETSY also offers a variety of vintage stamp collections. A vintage double-sided Plaid Stamp metal sign is going for over 150 dollars.

6 thoughts on “You can still redeem S & H Green Stamps not Plaid Stamps”

    We lived in Winona, Minnesota, in September 1966, having moved away from Chicago that previous July.
    My wife endured a summer pregnancy and move away from childhood friends and our families.
    So on one September day, as she was certainly close to her due date, we were going to the S&H redemption center to get a new car seat for the new arrival.
    As she swung her legs out of the car…yup, water.
    “HOME, JAMES!”
    Off we went, no car seat, baby on the way, and still with un-redeemed Green Stamps.
    Our son was born shortly after.
    He’s still our S&H GREEN-STAMP BABY.🙂

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  2. I loved your piece — and the photo! — about Green Stamps. Like you, I recall putting them in books with my Mom in the 1960s. I recall a trip to the redeeming store too: we got an electric can opener. We didn’t use it much, but it was Green Stamps Spectacular to me! (p.s., thank you for visiting Fashioned For Joy!)

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