Lincoln Logs

During morning kindergarten indoor recess, the first day we built a one room log cabin with green planks that was special greenery which surrounded the cabin. The young, creative student did most of the work and asked if we could do this again the next time we had indoor recess. The second recess indoors, she showed me how to build a larger cabin with more rooms and we added a door. The third time in the picture, we built more floors and added a roof. I am so grateful for this kindergarten student to help me learn this new art.  When growing up, I just was not creative with Lincoln Logs and jealous of the friends that were good at it. During my elementary years, I was not mature enough to ask for help. And Tinker toys never thrilled me either. Legos and my children were best friends; another article for another time.

Lincoln Logs are a popular U.S. children’s toy consisting of square-notched miniature logs used to build small forts and buildings. They were invented around 1916 by John Lloyd Wright, second son of the well-known architect Frank Lloyd Wright. The toy sets were originally made of redwood, with varying colors of roof pieces. In the 1970’s, the company unsuccessfully introduced sets made entirely of plastic, but soon reverted to real wood.  

K’Nex, the current distributor of Lincoln Logs, says they were named after former U.S. president Abraham Lincoln because he was born in an old-fashioned log cabin. They had been manufactured in China for awhile since a U.S producer for small wood parts could not be found. In 2016, they returned to the U.S. K’Nex contracted with wooden golf-tee manufacturer Pride Manufacturing Company, a small company in Burnham, Maine.

K’Nex offers a variety of Lincoln Log collections that include the actual construction of a specific building such as a package to build Oak Creek Lodge or Horseshoe Hill Station. The wooden pieces are responsibly made in America, with 70% of the wood coming from Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) certified forests or other forestry-managed timberland. K’Nex also offers other products of building games for kids.

Vintage Lincoln Log sets are available on Ebay and there is one set from 1923. Most sets run between 10-50 dollars. One set, however, is 100 dollars and has over 400 pieces. Some sets actually included a beautifully illustrated design book.

Boy….my kindergarten friend and I still had a lot of pieces to use…maybe we could build a whole town or………………



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