Sno-caps, Raisinets or Junior Mints?

A second grader approached me one day and was telling me about her trip to the movie theater. She wasn’t a big popcorn eater but how she loved Sno-caps candy. When I was exactly her age decades ago, it was Sno-caps for me instead of popcorn. A lot cheaper too! Prices have jumped over 600 percent to buy candy at the movies; a dollar, however, would do it during my time. My best friend always chose Raisinets. If all else failed, Junior Mints was the final choice.

We also talked about how we never had that candy at any other time but at the movies. These were the movie candy choices, I suppose.

So, of course, I went to the movies with my adult daughter a week later and had to try out Sno-caps. Unfortunately, the sprinkles got between my teeth and I did not experience the same nonpareil satisfaction as before. My teeth are certainly not the same either. Though, I did save the box and shared with the second grader that I truly enjoyed my trip to the movies.

Sno -Caps have been around a long time. The candy was introduced in the late 1920s by the Blumenthal Chocolate Company. Ward Foods acquired Blumenthal in 1969. Terson Company bought the product and Nestle finally acquired the candy in 1984. Sno-caps are bite sized Nestles chocolate, covered with white sprinkles.

Chocolate-covered raisins are still popular and Raisinets are currently made by Nestlé.  They come in all sorts of packages, sold around the world and come in special movie theater boxes today. The raisins are from California with fruit antioxidants and thirty percent less fat. An important choice for splurging at the movies!

Junior Mints are a candy brand consisting of small rounds of mint filling inside a dark chocolate coating. The product is currently produced by Tootsie Roll Industries.  The product was launched in 1949 and named after a series of articles that was produced into a Broadway play, Junior Miss. However, the play had closed six years before the candy was introduced. In 1945, the play was adapted to a film and radio show. Over 15 million Junior Mints are produced daily in large theater boxes.

I am going to the movies today and I have a taste for popcorn! Today, cinemas have moved beyond the original popcorn, candy choices and sell burgers, quesadillas, and pizzas. Even beer and wine is an option.  Some classic films are paired with specific fine wines…..hmmm.

Maybe, I will just try some Junior Mints.

5 thoughts on “Sno-caps, Raisinets or Junior Mints?”

  1. Karla, Karla, Karla. You always get me right in my Nos-algia! What a time trip. We don’t go to the movies any more much. No nachos.
    But. Jordan almonds. That was my movie delight. One box lasted all afternoon, one John Wayne war movie and more.
    Thanks. No popcorn. Maybe Juicy-Fruits in a pinch. Finally? I’m still hooked on the almonds, but Dollar Store has Good and Plenty. I love those little buggers, carryovers from my movie days.
    Thanks so much. I’m off alcohol. I’m off chocolate (a worse addiction for me). But I can delight in finding good Jordan almonds, and time-trip to my early movie days. ☺️

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  2. I don’t think I’ve ever seen Sno-Caps!

    I was long partial to Junior Mints and licorice at the movies. After I discovered Sour Patch Kids, though, it was all over for me. That was The One, as it now seems to be for my 9yo. 🙂

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  3. I’d forgotten all about Snowcaps! Yes, those were on my favorites list, too. I rarely ever eat candy now, but I do still remember the taste of those Snowcaps. 🙂 Thanks for bringing back a truly sweet memory.

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